Strategic Planning

  • Have you considered growing your business, but need a plan?
  • Need to rally employees for the upcoming year?
  • Have your Strategic Planning efforts been less than effective?
  • Have you considered Strategic Planning, but don’t know how or where to begin?

Why do Strategic Planning?

  • Promote employee consensus and “buy-in.”
  • Organize your efforts and gain efficiencies.
  • Develop/improve teamwork.
  • Save time—for family, friends and fun.
  • Earn more profit.
  • Boost organizational morale.

Preliminary Evaluation

A critical review of past performance by the owners and management of a business and the preparation of a plan beyond normal operational practices require a certain attitude of mind, perspective, and/or predisposition. Some essential points which should to be observed during the review and planning process include the following:

  • Medium term consideration, i.e. 2-4 years
  • Undertaken by owners and/or senior management
  • Focus on matters of strategic or essential importance
  • Strategic planning must be separated from day-to-day work
  • Be realistic, detached and critical (a professional facilitator will be very helpful because owners and senior managers have a difficult time being detached or genuinely self-critical without help)
  • Distinguish between cause and effect—not always an easy thing to do
  • Distinguish between ends and means
  • Review the strategic plan regularly, at least yearly
  • The plan must be written down because time erases memory
  • Outside facilitator will provide fresh perspective

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