Organizing For America

Like it or not, Obama won. And as he said, his win is not the end of the struggle, but the beginning.

Like it or not, he created one of the most powerful political organizations in history. He is now moving forward by engaging his machine to continue the work. He says that he wants people of every persuasion to get involved in the process. A couple of days ago he launched “Organizing For America,” which will try to move his agenda forward. Of course, it is a Democratic agenda that he has in mind. But, again, he says that he wants input from the people.

That invitation provides an opportunity for conservative Christians to provide input to that agenda (maybe), its process of development (perhaps) and the grassroots behind it (people). Here’s the deal — if only extremist Democrats participate in this process the outcome will be predictably hard-line Left. But if others join in that process, if others will get inside the Obamachine we might work to effect the agenda, the process and the people. I’m not talking about sabotage, I’m talking about participation. I’m not suggesting that Conservatives becomes mules for the Left’s agenda, but doing the hard work of real evangelism among those who need it most.

If we just let extremist Democrats set the agenda, we shouldn’t complain when we don’t like it. Some of the most significant changes that need to be made are at the grassroots level. The grassroots need to hear something other than the far Left pretending to be at the center. We get the leaders we deserve. So, if we want better leaders, we need to be better people. We need to help other people see and be what God created them to be.

Obama has created a lot of historic momentum, and if we can get involved we can be more a part of the discussion. The option is to give them the ball, clear the field and let them run. Meet some Democrats in your neighborhood today.

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