I understand that Colorado is being deluged with snow. Here’s a poem I wrote following an overnight four foot snow (average) in December 1996 in Central Pennsylvania.

The Lord Also Snows
by Phillip A. Ross

Thus says the Lord:

I come to you as snow,
Living water blowing where I will,
On the wings of the Spirit.

I come to you as snow,
In the quiet of the night
For the beauty of the new morn.

My purity feeds your deepest springs,
And fills the wells from which you dip
The source of life.

I cleanse away the sins of iniquity,
And cover your folly
With a blanket of purity.

Who can face my brilliance in the light of day?
Who is not overwhelmed by my generous abundance?

But woe betide to the unprepared,
To whose who do not know my way,
Who will not heed my prophets.

I come to you gently in my season,
In beauty unsurpassed,
A beauty of consequent magnitude.

I hide not my coming from you,
Hide you not from my coming.

Published in the collection, Daybreak on the Land, The National Library of Poetry, 1997, “Editor’s Choice Award”, and in Visions of Faith, Triumph House, Peterborough, United Kingdom, 1998.

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