Organizational Design & Development

No one can see the back of his or her own head. Similarly, it is very difficult for business owners and senior managers to see their own organizations objectively. A different viewpoint is required.

Working smarter begins with thinking smarter—seeing your organization from a better perspective. Working smarter begins with design and planning or organizational development.

When we talk about organizational development and design we do not mean simply making an organizational chart, though a well designed chart is invaluable for work flow effectiveness. Rather, we endeavor to make the purpose, principles and values of the organization more effective through communication, growth and improvement regarding:

  • staff,
  • marketing and sales,
  • production, delivery and work flows,
  • customer service,
  • finance, cash flow, etc., and
  • communication.

Organizational and/or business success requires thoughtful planning, establishing the right goals and priorities, and then following through with appropriate actions in order to develop and improve your people and processes. Our holistic approach uses a five-pronged management model.

Run your business, don’t let it run you. Improve work flows, eliminate constraints, maximize profits, increase employee and customer loyalty. Call today for an appointment.

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