The high-handed headiness of our new age politics provides the rare opportunity of coining a new word. This is not a simple reflection of common usage in the 21st Century, but a pouring of molten silver into the coin press of history. Mere political slogans come and go as rapidly as manna on a hot desert day as they require daily reconceptualization, unlike actual word coinage which lives on in the history of language itself.

The coin of hoype, sometimes called the “hoypecoin,” features the classic head shot of Barak Obama starring into the future with his stately, stone cold stare of audacity, gazing into a future yet to be conceived. Hoype is a hybrid that burns the renewable fuel of audacity — pride. There has been such a glut of pride that has accompanied the swelling of world socialism that this renewable fuel is the perfect symbol of hopye.

Hoype, combining the best qualities of hope and hype, can go farther on a tank of pride than anything currently on the market. Without the burden of fulfillment that weighs down the traditional versions of hope, hoype can soar to heretofore unparalleled heights of audacity, heights that have only been suggested in the dusty annals of mythology.

Hoype is hope on steroids, fixing whatever ails the body politic and its elusive mind that masquerades as enthusiasm cascading over a light vernier of crowd mentality. Hoype knows no bounds. Unlike its earthbound grandfather, hope, which requires a measure of potential satisfaction in the real world, hoype is free from the pedestrian, earthbound constraints of geopolitik and is limited only by the imaginations of Hollywood graphic artists and event planners.

The history that hoype is currently making is more like a movie than any actual movie because it is a movie in the making. And you can be part of it. In fact, it is a movie about you. No matter who you are, you can pretend to be a better person without actually doing anything other than casting a vote for hoype. The image of moral improvement is within your grasp, even if it is beyond your reach.

The more exciting and dynamic aspects of hoype are given, not wings but near perfect weightlessness, through its timely union with its actual twin from another marriage, hype. Hype is well-known in the global marketplace through its work as the engine of promotional advertising. Hype is both known and unknown, familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, giving rise to its cloak of mystery. Sometimes it is so visible a force that it cannot taken away from one’s face. And at other times it is perfectly invisible through its disguise as small print. It is impossible to actually see, though it sometimes carries on for pages beyond its original subject matter.

Hyope has sometimes been known as a chameleon-like entity because of its ability to change from foreground to background — and back — in the blink of an eye. Now you see it, now you don’t! Yet, it leaves behind the delicate, musty smell of fresh Gulf air on a moist pig farm day. Hype has a distinct advantage in that it is both noticeable to the point of irritation, yet distinctly undefinable. Some would say that, apart from the aroma, it is virtually undetectable.

So, please, and without further ado, please welcome to your dictionary the union of hope and hype in its debut listing as “hoype.” (Coined by Phillip A. Ross.)

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