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The Foundation of All Truth

The acceptance that anything at all can be true, that there is such a thing as truth and/or logic requires two things: 1) the acceptance that the universe is fundamentally consistent, and 2) that there are rules or laws that have a universal applicability. These two things provide the presuppositional foundation for the thoughts and ideas found on this website.

Objective truth, however, is outside of human knowledge and ability. We cannot in and of ourselves know or experience anything that is absolutely consistent or that has universal applicability. In other words, objective truth is beyond the limitations of finite creatures. However, a measure of analogical truth¹ is available to human beings inasmuch as objective truth has been revealed to humanity by One who is in a position to absolutely know objective truth. Fortunately, that One has chosen to reveal Himself to humanity in history through the meticulous record of His activities — the Bible.

Thus, Jesus Christ is the foundation of all truth, and Jesus Christ can only be known through biblical revelation through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. People don’t understand in order to believe, they believe in order to understand. Belief provides the presuppositions and axioms (often described as “self-evident”) that understanding requires.

Because businesses and human organizations are most effective and successful when they are built on the foundation of objective truth, Jesus Christ must be acknowledged as the only right foundation upon which to build. To build on any other foundation is to build failure into your organization.

You are free not to believe this, just as I am free to proclaim it. But neither your disbelief nor my proclamation can make it true or false. Rather, the truth of Jesus Christ is revealed by its effectiveness in history, by its application to life and the practice (art) of living. We believe that it makes all the difference in the world, and invite you to try it for yourself.

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (Psalm 34:8).

1An analogy is a comparison between two different things, in order to highlight some form of similarity. Analogies are often used to explain new or complex concepts by showing the similarities between them and familiar concepts.


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