Engagement–Establishing Relationship in Christ

Engagement–Establishing Relationship in Christ

114 pgs. This book is not about love, courting or marriage. It is about establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ and a synopsis of the historic, Protestant Christian position. It is not a expositional Bible study, but is more of a topical study intended to speak to the needs of contemporary people by uncovering various biblical truths and at the same time revealing various contemporary misunderstandings about the Bible and salvation.

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About the Book

It is to my embarrassment that this manuscript has sat unpublished for more than ten years. I have edited the material twice but each time I have gotten distracted by other concerns and simply forgotten it. Yet, the most recent edit has been helpful, both to me as I have reviewed this material and to the material because I have been able to see it with more mature eyes this time around. This is only to say that it has been waiting in God’s providence for these final touches.

Here you will find a synopsis of the historic, Protestant Christian position. If it seems unusual it is more likely because this theological position has been all but abandoned by the vast majority of contemporary Christians and their churches over the past 20, 50 or 100 years, depending on where you live and what circles you fellowship in.

Genre: Bible Study
Publisher: Pilgrim Platform Books
Publication Year: 2008
Length: 114 pgs.
ASIN: 0982038526
ISBN: 9780982038529
List Price: 5.95
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