You either have it or you don’t. Right? Wrong! Professional practices are learned behaviors. Over time they become habits of character.

Professionalism is a skill that can be learned. Does it begin with image or with substance? It can begin with either, but cannot mature without both. Being a professional means being a person of principle, excellence and character. It means looking good, of course. But genuine professionalism is always more than mere appearance. The real professionals are people of integrity.

We can help polish your image and make you look better in print, on the web, …wherever. And by looking more professional you can get better customers and/or clients. But only by actually being more professional can you keep them.


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Do What?

My dad used to say, “Doing it right is always less work and less expensive than doing it over.” He was right. More »

Say What?

Communication is critical to business success. Business communication is like oil to an engine. More »


“Why?” is a purpose question, and staying focused on your purpose is essential to success. Recovering purpose provides energy & focus. More »

This website has been designed for exploration and learning. It will likely provide a fresh and rejuvenating perspective about business, organizations and work. Please let us know what you think by leaving some feedback.

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